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The Questionnaire

By Cameron Dokey - July 18, 2012

So, I've just filled out the questionnaire. That would be the Award Submission Author Questionnaire to be precise, recently sent to me by my wonderful editor at Simon & Schuster, Annette Pollert. As an author with a work published in 2012, I answer the questions so that the marketing dept. can determine whether or not there are any awards for which my book might be eligible. I've actually done pretty well with this in the past. Several of my Once Upon a Time titles have received positive recognition from the American Library Association. Nice. But the process sort of got me wondering. What would a questionnaire look like if I made up the questions? Only mine would be for my readers, of course.

Such as:

1. What made you pick up one of my books in the first place?

2. Do you think you'll put it back, or will you actually buy it?

3. What's your favorite part about reading? What does reading do for you that nothing else does? (Ok, two questions in one.)

4. Which of my books is your favorite? (Hey--there's nothing wrong with thinking positive.)

5. What makes me your favorite author? (Ok, let's not go overboard.)

6. If you could only read one book, ever, what would it be? (All right. You can have a second one. What the heck. Go for top five.)

7. What one book have you always meant to read but somehow never get around to?

8. Do you want to be an author, yourself?

9. If so, what would you write?

10.  What question have you always wanted to ask an author but thought you'd never get the chance?

Bonus question: What should I have asked, but didn't?

Oh, come on. Go for it. You never know. You just might win an award.