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And Now for Something Completely Different ...

By Cameron Dokey - May 3, 2012

True confession: Much as I love to read, I am also a (gasp) television watcher. Now, don't get me wrong.I have my limitations. Situation comedies mostly make me want to run screaming from the room. But I have a remarkably high tolerance for cheesy sci-fi. This is directly related to the large amounts of it I watched as a young person. (Angry Red Planet, anyone?) But mostly, I'm an old movie kind of a gal. So currently, there's rather a lot of jubilation going on in my little house.

Yesterday, the Roku followed me home.

You know about the Roku, of course. The little black box that, once you've figured out how to hook it up, never gets turned off because it updates itself. With it, I can stream to my TV, not my laptop. This is big news, as I've been strictly a "disc in the machine" gal until now. Now I can watch things like old Kolchak, The Night Stalker episodes whenever I want. You may think this is no big deal. You'd be wrong.

So what on earth does all this have to do with writing? Well, nothing, I suppose. Except that I am occasionally inspired by other media when it comes to my writing projects. How Not to Spend Your Senior Year was inspired by Blithe Spirit, and My Favorite Wife. Love Me, Love Me Not was my take on Death Takes a Holiday--and this was before Brad Pitt got his hands on the idea in Meet Joe Black. Sunlight and Shadow is actually inspired by an opera. I know people who shun TV, and they're very proud of it. Me, I let my "I watch the small screen" flag fly. Not only that, my TV is right there in my living room (though there's really no place else to put it, given the size of my house ...).

So there you have it. A rather short blog on nothing particularly earth-shattering at all. A break from saying thank you (though I'm thinking about this all the time). And a way to say, you never know what's coming next. That's why we keep reading, isn't it?